What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula

What the Buddha Taught

Title: What the Buddha Taught
Author: Walpola Rahula
Publisher: ‎ Grove Press
Language: ‎ English
Paperback:‎ 151 pages

Intro 00:00
01.Foreword 00:17
02.Preface 05:41
03.Dedication and the Buddha 13:10
04.Chapter 1 The Buddhist Attitude of Mind 17:28
05.Chapter 2 The First Noble Truth Dukkha 43:17
06.Chapter 3 The Second Noble Truth Samudaya 01:26:02
07.Chapter 4 The Third Noble Truth Nirodha 01:45:26
08.Chapter 5 The Fourth Noble Truth Magga 02:19:12
09.Chapter 6 The Doctrine of No Soul Anatta 02:37:41
10.Chapter 7 Meditation or Mental Culture Bhavana 03:31:11
11.Chapter 8 What the Buddha Taught and the World Toda 04:00:07
12.Selected Texts 04:41:54
13.Setting in Motion the Wheel of Truth 04:46:20
14.Fire Sermon 04:53:29
15.Universal Love Metta Sutta 05:01:07
16.Blessings 05:04:07
17.Getting rid of all cares and troubles 05:07:29
18.The Parable of the Piece of Cloth 05:28:39
19.The Foundations of Mindfulness 05:40:26
20.Advice to Sigala 06:06:34
21.Words of Truth Selections from the Dhammapada 06:25:10
22.The Last Words of the Buddha 06:53:27

This comprehensive, compact, lucid, and faithful account of the Buddha’s teachings persistently enjoys great popularity in colleges, universities, and theological schools both here and abroad. “An exposition of Buddhism conceived in a resolutely modern spirit.” —from the Foreword.

This indispensable volume is a lucid and faithful account of the Buddha’s teachings. For years,” says the Journal of the Buddhist Society, the newcomer to Buddhism has lacked a simple and reliable introduction to the complexities of the subject. Dr. Rahula’s What the Buddha Taught fills the need as only could be done by one having a firm grasp of the vast material to be sifted. It is a model of what a book should be that is addressed first of all to the educated and intelligent reader.’ Authoritative and clear, logical and sober, this study is as comprehensive as it is masterly.”

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