Vandana: Pali Devotional Chanting by Ven. Elgiriye Indaratana Thera

Pali Devotional Chanting(Vandana)

Title: Vandanā: Pāḷi Devotional Chanting
Publisher: Mahindarama Dhamma Publication
Reciter: Ven. Elgiriye Indaratana Thera
Language: Pali

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Vandana: Pali Devotional Chanting

01.Buddhābhivādanā (Homage to The Buddha )
02.Ti-Saraṇa (The Three Refuges)
03.Pañca Sīla (Five Precepts)
04.Buddha Vandanā (Salutation To The Buddha)
05.Dhamma Vandanā (Salutation To the Doctrine)
06.Saṅgha Vandanā (Salutation to the the Blessed One’s Disciples)
07.Cetiya Vandanā (Salutation to the Pagodas)
08.Bodhi Vandanā (Salutation to the Bodhi Tree)
09.Padīpa Pūjā (Offering of Lights)
10.Sugandha Pūjā (Offering of Incense)
11.Puppha Pūjā (Offering of Flowers)
12.Anumodanā (Transference of Merits to All Celestial Beings)
13.Patti Dāna (Transference of Merits to Departed Relatives)
14.Patthanā (Aspiration)
15.Khamāyācanā (Forgiveness of Faults)
16.Maṅgala Sutta (Discourse on Blessings)
17.Ratana Sutta (The Discourse on Jewels)
18.Mettā Sutta (The Discourse on Loving-Kindness)
19.Mahā Jayamaṅgala Gātha (Great Verses of Joyous Victory)

It is beneficial for every Buddhist to recite daily at least a few verses from the Vandana, recalling to mind the sublime qualities of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha. Contemplation on these great qualities will make our minds calm, peaceful and serene.

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