True of Change: Impermanence | Buddha

Narrated by: Joseph Goldstein

the Buddha emphasized the importance of this way of seeing in many different ways.

He said because

“When the perception of impermanence is developed and cultivated

it eliminates all sensual lust or lust for existence

it eliminates all ignorance

it uproots the conceit I am

all coming from the development and cultivation

of seeing impermanence seeing

the arising and passing away

in another place he said it’s better to live

for a single day

seeing the momentary arising and passing

the phenomena than to live a hundred years without seeing it”

that’s really a very startling statement
because what does that say
about what we value and work for in our lives
what does it say about the liberating
effect of seeing directly and in the
moment and for ourselves
this truth of change.

It’s better to live a single day
seeing the momentariness of phenomena
then a hundred years
with whatever else we do
and not say it.