The Word of the Buddha by Nyanatiloka Thera

The Word Of The Buddha

Title: The Word of the Buddha
Author: Nyanatiloka Thera
Publisher:‎ Buddhist Publication Society
Language:‎ English
Paperback:‎ 101 pages

This superb little work by the eminent German scholar-monk is probably the best compact sourcebook in English on the Buddha’s basic teachings, all expounded in his own words. Translated into a dozen languages, it is now in its 16th English edition, yet still reads as fresh, clear, and vigorous as if it were just written.

The Pronunciation of Pali
The Four Noble Truths
I.The Noble Truth of Suffering
II.The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering
III.The Noble Truth of the Extinction of Suffering
IV.The Noble Truth of the Path that Leads to the Extinction of Suffering
1.Right Understanding
2.Right Thought
3.Right Speech
4.Right Action
5.Right Livelihood
6.Right Effort
7.Right Mindfulness
8.Right Concentration
Gradual Development of the Eightfold Path in the Progress of the Disciple