The Practice Is the Path: Lessons and Reflections on the Transformative Power of Yoga

The Practice Is the Path

1.Empty before You Begin
2.Always New
3.How Speed Gets Trapped in the Body
4.Right Effort
5.The Quest for the Perfect Pose
6.Not Knowing
7.The OM Shanti Experience
8.In the Flow of Presence
9.Why Savasana Is the Most Important Pose

Internationally known yoga teacher Tias Little shares powerful, inspiring wisdom from a lifetime of practice.

For over 30 years, Tias Little has explored yoga as a spiritual path. In this book he offers key teachings from his journey that will resonate with anyone who has dedicated themself to a mind-body discipline. In short, accessible chapters, Little shares his struggles and joys as a yogi and chronicles the transformation of his understanding and practice along the way.

There are many physical and emotional trials that come up in yoga as a spiritual practice: the urge toward perfectionism, the desire to get it all right, the way we push ourselves in the practice, being with “not-knowing,” and the many ways some people use yoga as a sedative. To help the reader embody and experience each theme, Little includes companion practices at the end of each chapter including poses, reflections, meditations, and explorations.

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