The Dhammapada : The Essential Teachings of the Buddha

The Dhammapada

Title: The Dhammapada, The Essential Teachings of the Buddha
Translator: Max Muller
Narrator: Antonia Bath
Language‏: English
Print length: 68 pages

In more than 400 verses the Buddha clearly expounds his noble path of virtue for everyman. This foundation scripture teaches the supreme doctrine of nirvana and the way to the highest possible happiness for mankind. Oxford professor Dr. Max Muller, a great scholar and Orientalist, did the translation.

Chapter I. The Twin-Verses
Chapter II. On Earnestness
Chapter III. Thought
Chapter IV. Flowers
Chapter V. The Fool
Chapter VI. The Wise Man (Pandita)
Chapter VII. The Venerable (Arhat).
Chapter VIII. The Thousands
Chapter IX. Evil
Chapter X. Punishment
Chapter XI. Old Age
Chapter XII. Self
Chapter XIII. The World
Chapter XIV. The Buddha (The Awakened)
Chapter XV. Happiness
Chapter XVI. Pleasure
Chapter XVII. Anger
Chapter XVIII. Impurity
Chapter XIX. The Just
Chapter XX. The Way
Chapter XXI. Miscellaneous
Chapter XXII. The Downward Course
Chapter XXIII. The Elephant
Chapter XXIV. Thirst
Chapter XXV. The Bhikshu (Mendicant)
Chapter XXVI. The Brahmana (Arhat)