The Buddha ; His Life and Teaching by Piyadassi Thera

Title: The Buddha ; His Life and Teaching
Publisher: ‎ Buddhist Publication Society (2008)
Author: Piyadassi Thera
Language‏: ‎ English
Print length: ‎ 92 pages
AudioBook: AudioBuddha Edition

“The ages roll by and the Buddha seems not so far away after all; his voice whispers in our ears and tells us not to run away from the struggle but, calm-eyed, to face it, and to see in life ever greater opportunities for growth and advancement. Personality counts today as ever, and a person who has impressed himself on the thought of mankind as the Buddha has, so that even today there is something living and vibrant about the thought of him, must have been a wonderful man—a man who was, as Barth says, ’the finished model of calm and sweet majesty of infinite tenderness for all that breathes and compassion for all that suffers, of perfect moral freedom and exemption from every prejudice.’”

“His message old and yet very new and original for those immersed in metaphysical subtleties, captured the imagination of the intellectuals; it went deep down into the hearts of the people.”

00:00 Intro
00:13 Introduction
02:31 The Birth
05:42 The Four Significant Visions
08:57 The Great Renunciation
12:30 Self-mortification
15:03 The Final Triumph
21:27 Misconceptions
26:40 Dependent Arising
29:21 The First Sermon
34:53 The Middle Path
38:05 The Simsapa Grove
40:32 The Peerless Physician
41:52 The Spread of the Dhamma
44:06 The Buddha’s Ministry
53:28 Buddhahood and Arahatship
55:13 Salient Features of the Dhamma
1:01:13 True Purification
1:03:08 Caste Problem
1:06:24 Chief Disciples
1:10:13 The Order of Nuns
1:11:33 At Kapilavatthu
1:15:14 Women in Buddhism
1:16:35 Ministering to the Sick
1:19:11 Equanimity and Self-composure
1:21:01 Devadatta
1:23:22 The Last Days
1:28:04 The Last Convert
1:30:12 The Last Scene