The Breath – Art of Meditation by Vessantara

Introduction: why mediate on the breath?
1.Trying out the practice
2.Systematic practice: the four-stage method
3.Now that you’ve had some experience..
4.Beginning and ending well
5.The story you tell yourself
6.Deepening the meditation
7.Where the practice leads
8.The lessons of the breath

Calm, awareness, peace, openness.

Developing these characteristics is part of what the mindfulness of breathing meditation can offer. Join Vessantara, an experienced meditator and teacher, for an exploration of one of the most common meditation practices. Found in most Buddhist traditions, yoga and, most recently, stress management techniques, the mindfulness of breathing is something we can integrate into our daily lives.

With practical examples balanced with clear descriptions of the practice’s philosophy, Mindfulness of Breathing offers an accessible foundation for us to develop more focus, more evenness in our everyday emotions as well as more openness and awareness to the world we’re in. For to be better for those around us, we need to be more at ease with ourselves.

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