The Book of Protection by Piyadassi Thera

The Book of Protection

Title: The Book of Protection
Author: Piyadassi Thera
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Language: English
Length:‎ 134 pages

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This book contains thirty one numbers of the renowned Bodhi Leaf Publication series, dealing with various aspects of the Buddha s teaching. Bodhi Leaves 91: Buddha-Bush Bhikkhu Khantipalo.

The Value of Paritta
The Book of Protection
i.Going for Refuge
ii.The Ten Training Precepts
iii.Questions to be Answered by a Novice
iv.The Thirty two Parts of the Body
v.The Four-fold Reflection of a Monk

Discourses (Suttas)
Discourse on the Ten Dhammas
2.Discourse on Blessings
3.The Jewel Discourse
4.Discourse on Loving-kindness
5.Protection of the Aggregates
6.Discourse on Advantages of Loving-kindness
7.The Advantages of Friendship
8.The Peacock’s Prayer for Protection
9.The Moon Deity’s Prayer for Protection
10.The Sun Deity’s Prayer for Protection
11.Banner of Protection
12.Factors of Enlightenment
13.Factors of Enlightenment
14.Factors of Enlightenment
15.Discourse to Girim
16.Discourse at Isigili
17.Setting in Motion the Wheel of Truth
18.The Great Assembly
19.Discourse to Ālavaka
20.Discourse to Bhāradvāja, the farmer
21.Discourse on Downfall
22.Discourse on Outcasts
23.Discourse on the Analysis of the Truths
24.Discourse on Atanatiya

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