The 10 Perfections of Heart by Jack Kornfield

The 10 Perfections of Heart

Title: The 10 Perfections of Heart
Talk by Jack Kornfield
Date: 2000-10-01
Place: Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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The Ten Perfections within Buddhism naturally arise in the stillness and steadiness of our practice. These qualities can be developed and applied in any situation and are extremely useful in bringing the path of awakening into everyday life. They are not meant to be a means for perfecting oneself, but rather a reminder of the true nature to which we can always return.

00:00 01.Introduction
04:53 02.Generousity
11:16 03.Integrity
16:01 04.Renunciation
19:57 05.Energy
24:16 06.Wisdom
29:30 07.Truthfullness
32:33 08.Determination
36:27 09.Loving-kindness
43:19 10.Equinaminty
47:59 11.Conclusions

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