The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah Vol. 1 – Daily Life Practice

1.Daily Life Practice

Title: The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah Vol. 1 – Daily Life Practice
Author: Ajahn Chah
Publisher: Aruno Publications
Language: English
Paperback:‎ 237 pages

The teachings of Venerable Ajahn Chah that have been translated into English and made available in this three-volume edition are direct and clear. It gives me great joy to know such wisdom is being widely distributed.

Ajahn Chah’s approach to teaching and training is simple and practical. It is a perfect tool for cutting through the delusions of self, cultural and social conceits, and our thinking process. Now his recorded teachings have been translated into English and are available for the asking. I am indeed grateful for all the work that has gone into translating and compiling, and to the sponsors who have made this publication freely available.

The teaching of the Buddha is a great gift and most necessary to deal with the problems of modern societies. May this collection of teachings bring benefit to many.


00:00 Intro
00:16 1.The Middle Way Within
17:53 2.The Peace Beyond
44:00 3.Convention And Liberation
1:01:09 4.No Abiding
1:16:21 5.Evening Sitting
1:41:14 6.About Being Carefull
2:22:19 Can Be Done
2:59:16 8.Understanding Dukkha
3:19:28 9.The Dhamma Goes Westward
3:54:10 10.Even One Word is Enough
4:22:30 11.Making The Heart Good
4:40:50 12.Why Are We Here
5:07:13 13.Our Real Home
5:33:46 14.The 4 Noble Truths
5:58:33 15.Living In This World
6:17:46 16.Tuccho Pothila
6:45:56 17.Transcendence