Stream and Stream-Enterer | Sariputta

Narrated by: Joseph Goldstein

In Buddhism, a sotāpanna (Pali) “stream-enterer” is a person who has seen the Dharma and thereby has dropped the first three fetters that bind a being to a possible rebirth in one of the three lower realms (animals, hungry ghosts and beings suffering in and from hellish states), namely self-view, clinging to rites and rituals, and skeptical indecision.

The word sotāpanna literally means “one who entered the stream, stream-enterer”, after a metaphor which calls the noble eightfold path a stream which leads to a vast ocean, nibbāna. Entering the stream is the first of the four stages of enlightenment.

[Book] The Noble Eightfold Path by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Impermanence by Joseph Goldstein

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