Practical Insight Meditation: Basic and Progressive Stages by Mahasi Sayadaw

Practical Insight Meditation

Title: Practical Insight Meditation: Basic and Progressive Stages
Author: Mahasi Sayadaw
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Audio: AudioBuddha edition
Language: English
Length: 1 hrs 48 mins

The practice of Vipassana or insight meditation was described by the Buddha as the direct way, for the overcoming of all sorrow and grief and for realizing Nibbana, the state of perfect liberation from suffering.

The essence of this practice consists in the four foundations of mindfulness: mindful contemplation of the body, feelings, state of mind, and mind objects. Combining extensive knowledge of the Buddhist scriptures with profound [personal experience, the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw has ordered the various aspects of Vipassana into a clear, simple and direct system that has spread widely in both the East and the West.

In the present work he explains in lucid language the key steps in the practice of Vipassana. The first part of his work provides instructions in the basic exercises to be undertaken by a newcomer to the meditation. The second part sketches the progressive stages of insight that unfold as the practice advances toward its goal.

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