Meaning of SATI (Mindfulness): Empty Phenomena Rolling On by Joseph Goldstein

Narrated by: Joseph Goldstein

Mindfulness (The Four Foundations of Mindfulness series 02) by Joseph Goldstein

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Meaning of SATI (Mindfulness):

Another meaning of sati is
not just kind of this remembering or the
practice of these Recollections but one
meaning that’s really more continuously
applied in our meditation practice
and in our lives is Sati as
presence of mind or present moment awareness
it’s the quality of wakefulness
being awake in each moment
and it’s really the opposite of absent-mindedness
when we’re lost when we don’t know what’s going on

Sati or mindfulness and disregard
is that quality of non-interfering awareness, bear attention,
and in this quality this evenness of mind
is not the avoidance of anything there’s
not the suppression of ever anything is
not the reaction to what’s arising
it’s simply that openness
of mind the attentiveness of mind the presence of mind
and it’s this quality of a detached receptivity
that allows for intuitive wisdom to arise

now in this openness we can begin to see all of our experience
in a phrase that Munindra used countless times
and which just has embedded in my
Consciousness and was a big help to me
as I would be sitting
it’s this quality of bare attention of open awareness
that allows us to see all experience as
empty phenomena rolling on
that’s all that’s happening
moment after moment
it’s empty phenomena rolling on

Joseph Goldstein