Practical Vipassana Meditation Exercises by Mahasi Sayadaw

Practical Vipassana Meditation Exercises

Title: Practical Vipassana Meditation Exercises
Author: Mahasi Sayadaw
Publisher: the Buddha Sāsanānuggaha Association
Language: English
Length:‎ 16 pages

00:00 Intro
00:11 Introduction
00:35 Mental Noting
03:21 Noting Thoughts
05:26 Pain and Discomfort
10:33 Changing Your Posture
12:18 Walking Meditation
16:56 Continuity of Practice
20:31 Mindfulness of Daily Activities
22:27 Summary
24:10 The Arising of Insight
28:14 Appendix
28:36 Techniques of Meditation
30:49 Rising and Falling Movement of the Abdomen

A book about a daily meditation in which the author explains that the action must be a consequence from our thinking and not an automatic action. He says that we must focus on the abdomen, the movement of it, the breathing must be natural and at the first efforts the mind can get in confusion. It is question to training.

“Every moment of mindfulness means the gradual destruction of latent defilements. It is somewhat like cutting away a piece of wood with a small axe, every stroke helping to get rid of the unwanted fragments of wood.” -Mahasi Sayadaw