In This Very Life by Sayadaw U. Pandita

In This Very Life

Burmese tradition master Sayadaw U Pandita is the rarest kind of teacher, one who can show us that freedom is as immediate as breathing, as fundamental as a footstep. In this book he describes the path of the Buddha and calls all of us to that heroic journey of liberation.

AnisakhanSayadaw UPandita ဆရာတော် ဦးပဏ္ဍိတ1954-05-XX.jpg

Sayadaw U Pandita (28 July 1921 – 16 April 2016) was one of the foremost masters of Vipassanā. He trained in the Theravada Buddhist tradition of Myanmar. A successor to the late Mahāsi Sayādaw, he has taught many of the Western teachers and students of the Mahāsi style of Vipassanā meditation. He was the abbot of Paṇḍitārāma Meditation Center in Yangon, Myanmar.