How Buddhism Teaches Us The Art Of Letting Go | Teaching of The Buddha

How Buddhism Teaches Us

If there’s one thing, we all have in common, it’s that we want to be happy. But more often than not, we pin our happiness to people, circumstances, and things. We attach ourselves to feelings as if they define us, and ironically, not just positive ones. And when something changes or gets lost, we melt into grief. But if you’ve wallowed in regret or disappointment long enough, it can seem safe and even comforting to suffer. Your inability to avoid change may make you angry, sad, and frustrated. It can be hard to let go of the false belief that the only way to achieve happiness again is to regain what’s been lost. Even when you know you can’t reverse the situation, you may agonize over this reality. By trying to hold onto what’s familiar, you limit your ability to experience joy in the present and a moment can’t possibly radiate fully when you’re suffocating it in fear.
But when you stop trying to grasp, own, and control the world around you, you give it the freedom to fulfil you without the power to destroy you. How much happier would you be if you could just learn to let go? How Buddhism Teaches Us The Art Of Letting Go.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Buddhism and The Four Noble Truths
01:38 The First Noble Truth
04:44 The Second Noble Truth
08:17 The Third Noble Truth
11:01 The Forth Noble Truth
13:32 Take away

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