Going for Refuge & Taking the Precepts by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Going for Refuge & Taking the Precepts

Title: Going for Refuge & Taking the Precepts
Author: Bhikkhu Bodhi
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Language: English
Length:‎ 122 pages

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I.The Reasons for Taking Refuge
1.The dangers pertaining to the present life
2.The dangers pertaining to future lives
3.The dangers pertaining to the general course of existence
II.The Existence of a Refuge
III.Identification of the Objects of Refuge
1.The Buddha
2.The Dhamma
3.The Sangha
IV.The Act of Going for Refuge
V.The Function of Going for Refuge
VI.The Methods of Going for Refuge
VII.Corruptions and Breach of the Refuge
VIII.The Similes for the Refuges

I.The Essential Meaning of Sīla
II.The Five Precepts
1.The First Precept: Abstinence from Taking Life
2.The Second Precept: Abstinence from Taking What Is Not Given
3.The Third Precept: Abstinence from Misconduct in regard to Sense Pleasures
4.The Fourth Precept: Abstinence from False Speech
5.The Fifth Precept: Abstinence from Intoxicating Drinks and Drugs
III.The Eight Precepts
IV.The Benefits of Sīla
1.Benefits pertaining to the present life
2.Benefits pertaining to future lives
3.The benefits of the ultimate good
V.The Undertaking of Sīla
VI.The Breach of Sīla
VII.The Similes for Sīla

A step by step explanation of the reasons for going for refuge and methods to become a lay disciple by undertaking the five precepts.

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