Centemplation of Impermanence | Joseph Goldstein

Narrated by: Joseph Goldstein

“So how can we practice this contemplation of impermanence,
because it leads us to Liberation it leads us to Freedom.

We can be mindful of impermanence on so many different levels, because it’s a characteristic of everything.

You know when wisdom arises, when we pay attention to impermanence in ways that we already know, but very often overlook.
Take for example the changes in nature, it’s so obvious that all around us.
you know whether it’s climate changes, well the changes of the weather, especially here every 10 minutes the different weather pattern. whether we look at the changes of the evolution of species or the extinction of species.

Now so often we are responding one way or another to what is happening that we are not stepping back and seeing that it’s all part of an inevitable process of change.

Now changes in this in society on a collective level on a big Collective level we could see the rise and fall of civilizations and cultures.

I think very few people have that perspective about the culture or civilization in which we happen to be living.

You know we have the sense yes this is how it is and how it will always be, but of course it’s not.
We see the changes on a more personal level, you know people being born and dying one of the poignant things about the New
England Woods and very often you walk through these Woods in New England and you see these Old Stone foundations of houses
and all that’s left are the foundations.

You know the stones piled and the trees, you know in Weeds and stuff is growing right through the foundation what histories took place. you know in those houses of which now only a pile of rocks is left.

Now all the loves and hates and conflicts and relationships and whole life stories took place, Now we walk through the woods and nothing left.”

Impermanence by Joseph Goldstein

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