Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English: An Introductory guide to Deeper States of Meditation

Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English

Title: Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English: An Introductory guide to Deeper States of Meditation
Author: Henepola Gunaratana
Publisher: ‎ Wisdom Publications
Language: ‎ English
Paperback:‎ 236 pages

“A straightforward and pragmatic guide to deepening levels of concentration and insight. This book is a joy to read and a great gift to us all.”—Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness

Countless people worldlwide have made Mindfulness in Plain English a beloved and bestselling classic in almost a dozen languages. Now after nearly two decades, Bhante helps meditators of every stripe take their mindfulness practice to the next level – helping them go, in a word, beyond mindfulness. In the same warm, clear, and friendly voice, Bhante introduces the reader to what have been known for centuries as the “jhanas” – deeply calm, joyous, and powerful states of meditation that, when explored with the clearly presented tools in this book, can lead to a life of insight and unshakeable peace.

Intro 00:00
Chapter 1: The Concentration Path 00:21
Chapter 2: Concentration and the Jhanas 17:39
Chapter 3: Getting Ready for Jnana Meditation 39:54
Chapter 4: Wishing the Best for Yourself and Others 1:12:00
Chapter 5: Breath Meditation 1:49:34
Chapter 6: Why Can’t We Concentrate Strongly Right Now? 2:07:04
Chapter 7: The Purpose of Practice 2:39:32
Chapter 8: The Jhana States 3:20:38
Chapter 9: Access Concentration 3:34:00
Chapter 10: The First Jhana 03:55:18
Chapter 11: The Second and Third Jhanas 04:34:10
Chapter 12: The Fourth Jhana 04:56:01
Chapter 13: The Immaterial Jhanas 05:25:07
Chapter 14: The Supramundane Jhanas 05:43:24

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