Being Taoist: Wisdom for Living a Balanced Life by Eva Wong

Being Taoist

Author: Eva Wong
Narrator: Gabra Zackman
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English
Length: 7 hrs 12 mins

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0:00:00 ​Introduction
0:33:15 1.The Natural Way
1:09:12​ 2.The Nature of Reality
1:30:22​ 3.The Natural World
2:01:20 4.Sky, Earth. and Humanity ​
2:10:43​ 5.Understanding the Energy of Life
2:21:39 6.Healthy Attitude, Healthy Lifestyle
3:00:55​ 7.Healthy Diet and Eating Habits
3:07:55 8.Healthy Sexual Lifestyle​
3:18:06​ 9.Turning Awareness Inward
3:37:34 10.Heightening Awareness
3:45:11​ 11.Turning Awareness Outward
4:09:29​ 12.The Inner Chapters
4:44:43​ 13.The Outer Chapters
6:05:12 14.The Miscellaneous Chapters

Taoist living rests on four pillars: the public, the domestic, the private, and the spirit lives. Not only do Taoists strive to live these four aspects fully and in a balanced way, they also believe there is an outlook and an art to each of them.

Eva Wong uses the teachings of Taoist masters themselves to explain the essential concepts. She then gives voice to these texts – simplifying them, removing barriers to understanding, and making them completely accessible and relevant to the modern reader.

Wong is a clear and enthusiastic guide to this intriguing spiritual way, and she challenges us to stop, reflect, and ask ourselves: Do we balance the public, domestic, private, and spirit aspects of our lives, or do we emphasize some at the expense of the others? How can we think about unifying worldly and spiritual wisdom in day-to-day living?

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