VOIDNESS: A Lump of Foam | Sutta Readings

A Lump of Foam

Translator: Bhikkhu Bodhi
Publisher: Wisdom Publications
Sutta Number: SN 22.95 Phena Sutta
Reader: Guy Armstrong
Language: English

SN 22.95 – A Lump of Foam

The Buddha invokes a series of vivid similes to illustrate the voidness of the five aggregates.

Recorded by jtb on 11 December 2005 at Gaston Pond, Barre, Massachusetts, USA. Translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Bodhi. From »The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Samyutta Nikaya, Bhikkhu Bodhi, trans. (Somerville: »Wisdom Publications, 2000). Text is copyright © 2000 Wisdom Publications. Courtesy of, and with permission from, Wisdom Publications, 199 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144 USA, » www.wisdompubs.org